Spiritual Maturity


“This idea of growing up unto the Lord is a compelling one. Unlike the process of growing up physically, we will not mature spiritually until we choose, as the Apostle Paul phrased it, to ‘put away childish things.’

“Daily prayer and scripture study, adherence to commandments and to covenants made at baptism and in the temple are at the core of growing up unto the Lord. We learn to walk in His ways as we do what draws us closer to Heavenly Father and as we teach our children and others to do the same. We ‘put away childish things’ as we choose to become Christlike and serve others as He would have us do.”

Anne C. Pingree, Second Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
To Grow Up unto the Lord,” April 2006 General Conference


“One of the miracles of the Restoration of the gospel and the organization of the Church in these latter days is that the plan allows growth and change to come to the members. We each have available to us the experience that will help us change—to become spiritually mature. Through our own repeated efforts, our faith can become a reality.”

Janette Hales Beckham, Young Women General President
Making Faith a Reality,” October 1997 General Conference


“Spiritual maturity is understanding that we cannot blame anybody else for our actions. Some factors may make it harder for us to perform according to God’s plan for us, but being accountable for how we use our agency means being answerable for our own behavior.

“It is one of the things that I admire most about mother Eve—her absolute strength in personal accountability. When she was called on the proverbial carpet by God, she explained that Lucifer had tempted her with the fruit. But then she admitted, ‘And I did eat.’ ”

Elaine A. Cannon, Young Women General President
Agency and Accountability,” April 1982 General Conference




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