“ ‘There is sunshine in my soul today,” Eliza Hewitt wrote, ‘more glorious and bright than glows in any earthly sky, for Jesus is my light.’ With radiance in every note, that marvelous old Christian hymn is virtually impossible to sing without smiling. But today I wish to lift out of context just one line from it that may help on days when we find it hard to sing or smile and ‘peaceful happy moments’ do not seem to ‘roll.’ If for a time you are unable to echo the joyous melodies you hear coming from others, I ask you to hold tenaciously to the line in this hymn that reassures, ‘Jesus listening can hear the songs [you] cannot sing.’

“Among the realities we face as children of God living in a fallen world is that some days are difficult, days when our faith and our fortitude are tested. These challenges may come from a lack in us, a lack in others, or just a lack in life, but whatever the reasons, we find they can rob us of songs we so much want to sing and darken the promise of ‘springtime in [the] soul’ that Eliza Hewitt celebrates in one of her verses.”

Jeffrey R. Holland, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Songs Sung and Unsung,” April 2017 General Conference


“There is so much suffering in mortality, so many causes for pain. I know people who have sent loved ones into harm’s way and who daily pray for their safety in battle. I talk to parents who are frightened for their children, aware of the temptations they face. I have dear friends who are suffering from the ravaging effects of chemotherapy. I know single parents, abandoned by spouses, who are rearing children alone. I have dealt myself with the debilitating effects of depression. But I have learned from my own experience, and I learn from those I meet, that we are never left to our own resources. We are never abandoned. A wellspring of goodness, of strength and confidence is within us, and when we listen with a feeling of trust, we are raised up. We are healed. We not only survive, but we love life. We laugh; we enjoy; we go forward with faith.”

Kathleen H. Hughes, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Blessed by Living Water,” April 2003 General Conference


“In times of transition and often great upheaval, it is easier for individuals to become paralyzed by the gloom than to have the illumination of the Spirit. That is why they need us to search for them and share the gospel light.”

Barbara B. Smith, Relief Society General President
Relief Society in Times of Transition,” October 1981 General Conference



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