“As parents and leaders exemplify and teach respect for others, we confirm in the hearts of our children that each of us is truly a child of God and all are brothers and sisters through eternity. We will focus on the things we have in common—on the qualities of heart that bind the family of God together, rather than on our differences.”

Margaret S. Lifferth, First Counselor, Primary General Presidency
Respect and Reverence,” April 2009 General Conference


“Don’t be too hard on your parents and leaders when we repeat ourselves. The Lord had Moroni  teach a young prophet through repetition. Repetition ingrains gospel principles in our minds and hearts.”

Susan W. Tanner, Young Women General President
Glad Tidings from Cumorah,” April 2005 General Conference


“Loving may come naturally, but leading is a polished skill that maybe we don’t take seriously enough. We lead by example more strongly than any other way. That is a heavy burden for parents and leaders of youth.”

Sharon G. Larsen, Second Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Fear Not: For They That Be with Us Are More,” October 2001 General Conference


“In 1775 John Adams, designing a new nation in Philadelphia, wrote his wife Abigail of his concern for the nation’s future leadership. She replied, ‘If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, … we should have learned women’.”
G. Homer Durham, First Quorum of the Seventy
The Home as an Educational Institution,” April 1979 General Conference



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