“Some may think they have failed too many times and feel too weak to change sinful acts or worldly desires of the heart. However, as covenant Israel, we don’t just try and try on our own to change. If we earnestly appeal to God, He takes us as we are—and makes us more than we ever imagined.”

Neill F. Marriott, Second Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Yielding Our Hearts to God,” October 2015 General Conference


“I realize that many of us also at times feel without friends and alone in a wicked world. Some of us feel we have not ‘whither to go’ as we face our trials. But you and I can not only survive but prevail, as did Moroni, in our efforts to stand for truth in perilous times. What did he do when facing a lonely and hostile world? He, in faithful obedience to his father’s direction, finished the record on the gold plates. He became familiar with the writings of the prophets. Above all, he fought his way out of his discouragement by clinging to the Lord’s promises for the future. He clung to the covenants that God had made with the house of Israel to bless them forever.”

Susan W. Tanner, Young Women General President
Glad Tidings from Cumorah,” April 2005 General Conference


“There are all kinds of darkness in this world: darkness that comes from sin; darkness that comes from discouragement, disappointment, and despair; darkness that comes from loneliness and feelings of inadequacy…the light of Jesus Christ is stronger than any darkness we face in this life, if we have faith in Him, seek after Him, and obey Him.”

Virginia U. Jensen, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Lead, Kindly Light,” October 2000 General Conference


“But, you may be thinking, even within the Church there are people who aren’t happy or people who are usually happy but who experience intermittent times of stress, worry, challenge, and discouragement. That, too, is part of the great plan of happiness. Mortality is a time of testing and trial, which means that there must be times when we feel pain and emotional discomfort. However, by patiently trusting in the eternal plan, we can experience daily happiness and have hope for ‘ever-after happiness.’ ”

Coleen K. Menlove, Primary General President
Living Happily Ever After,” April 2000 General Conference


“By looking at a problem in a different way, it may be possible to reduce discouragement. I have been impressed with the pioneer story told about Zina Young. After experiencing the death of parents, crop failure, and sickness, she was encouraged with a spiritual experience that changed her attitude. While attempting to seek divine help, she heard her mother’s voice: ‘Zina, any sailor can steer on a smooth sea, when rocks appear, sail around them.’ A prayer came quickly: ‘O Father in heaven, help me to be a good sailor, that my heart shall not break on the rocks of grief.’ It is often difficult to change circumstances, but a positive attitude can help lift discouragement.”
Val R. Christensen, Second Quorum of the Seventy
Overcoming Discouragement,” October 1998 General Conference

“Most of our lives are not a string of dramatic moments that call for immediate heroism and courage. Most of our lives, rather, consist of daily routines, even monotonous tasks, that wear us down and leave us vulnerable to discouragement. Sure, we know where we’re going, and if it were possible we would choose to jump out of bed, work like crazy, and be there by nightfall. But our goal, our journey’s end, our Zion is life in the presence of our Heavenly Father. And to get there we are expected to walk and walk and walk.”

Virginia H. Pearce, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Keep Walking, and Give Time a Chance,” April 1997 General Conference


“We can never accurately take the measure of our lives based on social, economic, ethnic, age, marital, or physical conditions. Ask yourself, are the comparisons you may make of yourself and others based on the model of the Savior’s life, or do they come from trying to fit your life into the pattern of others’ lives?

“Sometimes comparisons creep up on us. We sit in Relief Society surrounded by our neighbors and friends, all of whom seem to raise the best children, to teach the most profound lessons, and to possess the greatest spirituality. It can feel so discouraging.

“Some of you may say, ‘I’m just average. There’s nothing special about me or my life.’ And yet what is manifested plainly to me is that you are extraordinary, you whose average day is lived in accordance with our Heavenly Father’s laws.”

Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society General President
These Things Are Manifested unto Us Plainly,” October 1990 General Conference



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