“Youth, take responsibility for your own spiritual well-being. Turn off your phone if necessary, sing a Primary song, pray for help, think of a scripture, walk out of a movie, picture the Savior, take the sacrament worthily, study For the Strength of Youth, be an example to your friends, confide in a parent, go see your bishop, ask for help, and seek professional counseling, if needed.”

Linda S. Reeves, Second Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Protection from Pornography—a Christ-Focused Home,” April 2014 General Conference


“As you climb the mountains of life, stay on the path of virtue. There will be others to help you—your parents, family members, bishops, advisers, and righteous friends of all ages. And if you are weary or take a wrong turn, change your direction and get back on the path of virtue.”

Elaine S. Dalton, Second Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Stay on the Path,” April 2007 General Conference


“This is the season for young women to prepare and then receive their patriarchal blessing. Your bishop and parents can help you decide when the right time is for you, because the age and readiness are different for each person.”

Julie B. Beck, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
You Have a Noble Birthright,” April 2006 General Conference


“The divinely inspired programs of the Church and those called to minister to our children can help us. My husband and I are grateful for bishops, priesthood and auxiliary leaders, and home and visiting teachers who helped strengthen our family. Whether we have children in our own home or not, each of us can play an important part in assisting parents.”

Coleen K. Menlove, Primary General President
A Voice of Gladness for Our Children,” October 2002 General Conference


“We don’t need a bishop’s assignment to be kind. We don’t need to sign up to be thoughtful. We don’t need to be sustained by our wards to be sensitive. Rejoice in the power you have within you from Christ to be a nucleus of love, forgiveness, and compassion.”

Chieko N. Okazaki, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Rejoice in Every Good Thing,” October 1991 General Conference


“May every sister feel the warmth of friendship from her sisters in the Church and priesthood support from home teachers and bishops who care. May she be included, welcomed, given opportunities to serve.”

Joy F. Evans, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Overcoming Challenges along Life’s Way,” October 1987 General Conference


“A fundamental reason for organizing the Relief Society was so that the sisters could act together to extend the work of the bishop in caring for the Saints and thus help build the kingdom of God on earth.”

Barbara B. Smith. Relief Society General President
The Relief Society Role in Priesthood Councils,” October 1979 General Conference


“To fulfill our welfare stewardship, the Relief Society works with the priesthood at every level in the Church. The general presidency of the Relief Society works with the Presiding Bishopric; a called stake Relief Society president works with the area and region priesthood Welfare Services leaders; the stake Relief Society presidency works with the stake presidency; and the ward Relief Society presidency works with the ward bishopric.”

Barbara B. Smith, Relief Society General President
Relief Society’s Role in Welfare Services,” October 1975 General Conference



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