“We [Relief Society] operate in the manner of the priesthood—which means that we seek, receive, and act on revelation; make decisions in councils; and concern ourselves with caring for individuals one by one. Ours is the priesthood purpose to prepare ourselves for the blessings of eternal life by making and keeping covenants. Therefore, like our brethren who hold the priesthood, ours is a work of salvation, service, and becoming a holy people.”

Julie B. Beck, Relief Society General President
Relief Society: A Sacred Work,” October 2009 General Conference


“…There is no end to the good works of righteous men and women who respect each other and who thrust in their sickles and reap, side by side, in the Lord’s vineyard. If we are going to build the kingdom of God, we as men and women of God must build each other. There is no challenge—with activation, retention, families, or anything—that we can’t solve when we counsel together in councils and help each other lift the load.”

Sheri L. Dew, Second Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
It Is Not Good For Man or Woman to Be Alone,” October 2001 General Conference


“Everything we know about our Heavenly Father is connected with His parenthood and His loving care for our souls. He loves each of His children unconditionally. We can do the same in our families. His plan of happiness is a plan to help His children progress and be prepared to receive His greatest blessings. We can make plans to help our families progress. He included His children in the great Heavenly Council and allowed us to participate and use our agency to choose. We can have family councils and include our children as active participants. Under His guidance, this earth was prepared as a place where we could learn and grow. Our homes can be happy places where our children can learn and grow. He has given His children rules of conduct and commandments that keep us moving forward, focused on the path that leads to our heavenly home. The rules of conduct in our family can help us move forward on the path back to our Heavenly Father.”

Patricia P. Pinegar, Primary General President
Caring for the Souls of Children,” April 1997 General Conference


“How long has it been since you shouted for joy? In the Grand Council in heaven in our premortal existence, all the sons and daughters of God ‘shouted for joy’ (Job 38:7). Our Father in Heaven gave us the opportunity to be born, to assume the responsibilities of mortality, which offered the opportunity of a ‘fulness of joy’ (Ps. 16:11) but which also entailed risks of disobedience, sin, and heartache. Yet, as our Father’s plan unfolded and we became aware of our divine potential for future immortality, we did all shout for joy.

“Now we are here; do we doubt the Lord’s word, ‘Men are, that they might have joy’ (2 Ne. 2:25)?”

Barbara W. Winder, Relief Society General President
Finding Joy in Life,” October 1987 General Conference




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