Family History



“Some of your most important learning will be outside of the classroom. Surround yourself with exemplary women who can teach you skills in homemaking, art, music, family history, sports, writing, or speaking. Get to know them and ask them to mentor you.”

Mary N. Cook, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do,” April 2012 General Conference


“The temple is the reason for everything we do in the Church. The temple was the reason our pioneer ancestors left their established homes and came west. It was the reason they suffered privation and even death.”

Elaine Dalton, Young Women General President
A Return to Virtue,” October 2008 General Conference


“If you are unhappy, if you are feeling weary, troubled, or disillusioned, may I ask you to try something? Instead of dwelling on your troubles, focus instead on creating something remarkable, something of eternal significance. Nurture a testimony, strengthen a relationship, write a family history, go to the temple, serve.”

Mary Ellen Smoot, Relief Society General President
We Are Creators,” April 2000 General Conference


“We rejoice in the number of temples being built, the breakthrough in computer science to research our ancestors, and the excitement for service. …We rejoice in the organization of the Relief Society, and we know that women throughout the world will be drawn to the Church as we perfect our lives and live essential truths to light the way for others to follow.”

Mary Ellen Smoot, Relief Society General President
Rejoice, Daughters of Zion,” October 1999 General Conference



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