Prayer and Family


“When the Prophet Joseph Smith was a very young boy, he watched and learned about faith in God from his mother, Lucy Mack Smith. Lucy sought answers by searching the scriptures, and Joseph too employed the practice, turning to the Bible for guidance as his mother had.

“Lucy also solved family problems by privately seeking the Lord’s help through prayer. One day, experiencing discord in her family regarding the subject of religion, Lucy said she ‘retired to a grove of handsome wild cherry trees not far distant and prayed to the Lord.

“Lucy also prayed with great faith when faced with personal health issues, when Joseph nearly lost his leg to osteomyelitis, and when Joseph’s sister Sophronia almost died from typhoid fever. Regarding Sophronia’s illness, Lucy wrote: ‘I gazed upon my child. … My husband and I clasped our hands together and fell upon our knees by the bedside and poured our grief and supplications into his ears.’ Sophronia lived. I am confident that Lucy’s children often witnessed her praying with faith and receiving answers to those prayers.

“Lucy prayed in faith for guidance, and Joseph too retired to a grove of trees, where he prayed with faith, seeking an answer from the Lord as his mother had.

“Like Lucy, we must show our children and youth how to strengthen their faith and testimony of Jesus Christ by strengthening our own through studying the scriptures and through prayer, personally as well as with them.”

Mary N. Cook, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Be an Example of the Believers” October 2010 General Conference


“As you help strengthen your family, prayer must be a consistent, daily part of your life. Prayer will protect you from the adversary, give you peace, and help your families love each other more.”

Carol B. Thomas, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Strengthen Home and Family,” April 2002 General Conference


“Sincere prayer can be more effective in protecting our families than the earthen walls Moroni erected around the Nephite cities. It’s impossible to kneel down and take your problems to the Lord without having your heart softened. The changes prayer effects in our homes are multiple. It restores peace and gives hope. It lightens heavy hearts and heals the wounds of sin. It restores perspective, allowing us to recognize our blessings even in the midst of our trials. Finally, it guides us in making decisions.”

Virginia U. Jensen, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Creating Places of Security,” October 1997 General Conference



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