Women and Home


“As covenant women living in many nations, it is essential to have Christ at the core of our lives. In these ‘perilous times,’ oh, how we need Him! He is the source of strength and safety. He is light. He is life. His peace ‘passeth all understanding.’ As our personal Savior and Redeemer, He invites us, one by one, with outstretched arms to ‘come unto him’ in the most personal ways. Sisters, when a woman accepts the Savior’s invitation, she is strengthened individually, and others are blessed through her righteous influence.

“I believe when a woman chooses to have Christ at the center of her own heart, at the nucleus of her personal world, she brings the Lord into the core of her home and family, be it a family of one or a family of many. Wherever she lives and whatever her circumstances, as the heart of the home and the family, what is in each woman’s heart is reflected in the environment and spirit of her home.”

Anne C. Pingree, Second Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Choose Ye Therefore Christ the Lord,” October 2003 General Conference


“Let me tell you what I see in you. I see in you young women who are getting an education and are preparing to bless others through it. Please, for yourself and your future family, choose a fine education. Be qualified. Be well rounded. Work hard. In you young women, I see girls who look forward to establishing a home of love, a home of order, a home of faith.”

Margaret D. Nadauld, Young Women General President
Turning Hearts to the Family,” April 1998 General Conference


“Our strength as Relief Society sisters in the gospel is most visible and most critical at home. Women are the heart of the home. Whatever your circumstance, you are the heart of your home. I call on you to sanctify your home, to make strengthening and nurturing your family your first priority.”

Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society General President
Relief Society: A Balm in Gilead,” October 1995 General Conference


“In homes large and small, rural and urban, Latter-day Saint women make a difference. In every type of family, women comfort hearts and renew dedication. We share wisdom and knowledge. We encourage and teach our family members.

“As sisters in Zion, we have added to the strength of each other.”

Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society General President
Charity Never Faileth,” April 1992 General Conference


“For a Relief Society woman, the wholeness that is so closely related to holiness is achieved, in part, through her acceptance of the responsibility to establish a home whatever her circumstances—and then to bring to that home, learning and the light of the gospel.”

Shirley W. Thomas, Second Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
The Doctrines of the Kingdom,” October 1980 General Conference


“The work of women…takes on a deep and significant meaning. The daily business of homemaking becomes very important—in fact, the most important business in the world. A home is more than a house or a room to live in. For one person making a home for herself, or for the mother of a large family,the home should be a place of learning, a place where prayer can point the way to eternal life. That is how the world will be saved—by strengthening every child of God in every home.”

Marian R. Boyer, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Organize Yourselves,” October 1980 General Conference


“Remember, sisters, a woman doesn’t have to stay in the house to be in the home. Neither does a woman need to leave her home to extend her influence to others. We will, however, be more effective on our errand if we have studied the gospel, developed our skills, and reached up and beyond our own first associations. The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll soar. Growth is gradual. Time is so swift—crickets call, then Christmas comes. One day a little girl—next day a woman. ‘Sunrise, sunset,’ the nostalgic song reminds us. And so it is. Tonight you’re twelve and then suddenly you’re in a holding pattern just past forty. There is no time for delay in personal improvement. Proper preparation for life doesn’t happen overnight.”

Elaine A. Cannon, Young Women General President
Our Mighty Errand,” October 1979 General Conference




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