Testimony of the Prophet


“A woman of faith trusts God and faces adversity with hope. She knows of His interest in her life. She knows that He knows her. She loves His words and drinks deeply of that living water. She is grateful for the prophet He has sent for these latter days, and she trusts his counsel and follows it, for she knows that by so doing she will find safety and peace.”

Margaret D. Nadauld, Young Women General President
A Woman of Faith,” October 2002 General Conference


“But think, what would a testimony of a living prophet do for you? How would it help you in your daily struggles? How would it change and bless your life?

“Only you and the Holy Ghost can answer these questions. If you do not now have a testimony of President Hinckley, rely on the testimonies of others as you gain your own. Pray for him, study his words, find a personal message, apply that message, and experience the good feelings. Will you do it? Will you listen to his words now and find a message for your life? I hope and pray that you will.

“I bear testimony to you that I know we have a living prophet guiding us. May each of us go our way this night seeking or reaffirming our own divine testimony that God leads his Church through prophets.”

Bonnie D. Parkin, Relief Society General President
An Anchor for Eternity–and Today,” April 1996 General Conference


“Not everyone will have the opportunity to see a prophet face-to-face. Fortunately, that isn’t necessary. We can all receive the same witness I did on those steps long ago. More important than seeing a prophet is understanding the message he has for us. Applying that message is a sure way to gain a testimony of his holy calling.”

Bonnie D. Parkin, Relief Society General President
An Anchor for Eternity–and Today,” April 1996 General Conference


“As you think of the word sustaining, ask yourself this question: Is sustaining the living prophets different from having a testimony that we have prophets? When we sustain, it means we do something about our belief. Our testimony of the prophet turns into action when we sustain him.”

Janette Hales Beckham, Young Women General President
Sustaining the Living Prophets,” April 1996 General Conference



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