Sharing Our Testimony


“In the Book of Mormon, Abish was converted by her father’s sharing with her his remarkable vision. For many years thereafter, she kept her testimony in her heart and lived righteously in a very wicked society. Then the time came when she could no longer be still, and she ran from house to house to share her testimony and the miracles she had witnessed in the king’s court. The power of Abish’s conversion and testimony was instrumental in changing an entire society. The people who heard her testify became a people who ‘were converted unto the Lord, [and] never did fall away,’ and their sons became the stripling warriors!”
Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women General President

Love Her Mother,” October 2011 General Conference


“As parents, we can share our testimony of Jesus Christ with our children often. The bearing of testimony, whether during family home evening or in a teaching moment, will invite the Spirit. President Boyd K. Packer also instructs us to ‘teach our young people to bear testimony—to bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon is true.’ ”

Coleen K. Menlove, Primary General President
A Voice of Gladness for Our Children,” October 2002 General Conference


“We bear testimony every single day by our example.”

Carol B. Thomas, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Developing Our Talent for Spirituality,” April 2001 General Conference


“When we share our feelings with our little ones and bear record of Him, we open the door for them to share their experiences and to give words to their own spiritual insights and feelings. And when we help children identify the divine source of those feelings, their understanding and love for the Savior will grow line upon line, precept upon precept.”

Susan L. Warner, Second Counselor, Primary General Presidency
Bear Record of Him,” October 1998 General Conference



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