Importance and Purpose of the Temple

The temple holds a place at the very center of our most sacred beliefs, and the Lord asks that we attend, ponder, study, and find personal meaning and application individually. We will come to understand that through the ordinances of the temple, the power of godliness is manifest in our lives
 and that because of temple ordinances, we can be armed with God’s power, and His name will be upon us, His glory round about us, and His angels have charge over us. I wonder if we are fully drawing upon the power of those promises.”
Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women General President
Rise Up in Strength, Sisters in Zion,” October 2016 General Conference


“Think of the effect temples have on their surroundings. They beautify inner cities; they shine from prominent hills. Why do they beautify and shine? Because, as the scriptures say, ‘Truth shineth,’ and temples contain truth and eternal purpose; so do you.”



“In 1877, President George Q. Cannon said, ‘Every Temple … lessens the power of Satan on the earth.’ I believe that wherever a temple is built on the earth, it pushes back the darkness. The temple’s purpose is to serve mankind and give all of Heavenly Father’s children the ability to return and live with Him. Isn’t our purpose similar to these dedicated buildings, these houses of the Lord? To serve others and help them push back the darkness and return to Heavenly Father’s light?”


“Temples are an expression of God’s love. He invites us all to come, learn of Him, feel His love, and receive the priesthood ordinances necessary for eternal life with Him. Each covenant is made one by one. Every mighty change of heart matters to the Lord. And yours will make all the difference to you.”

Jean A. Stevens, First Counselor, Primary General Presidency
Covenant Daughters of God,” October 2014 General Conference


“The temple is the reason for everything we do in the Church. The temple was the reason our pioneer ancestors left their established homes and came west. It was the reason they suffered privation and even death.”

Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women General President
A Return to Virtue,” October 2008 General Conference


“The temple is a house of learning. Much of the instruction imparted in the temple is symbolic and learned by the Spirit. This means we are taught from on high. Temple covenants and ordinances are a powerful symbol of Christ and His Atonement. We all receive the same instruction, but our understanding of the meaning of the ordinances and covenants will increase as we return to the temple often with the attitude of learning and contemplating the eternal truths taught.”

Silvia H. Allred, First Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency
Holy Temples, Sacred Covenants,” October 2008 General Conference


“Going to the temple often provides balance in our lives. After returning home, we have an increased sense of well-being; the influence of the Spirit can shield us from the frustrations of the world.”

Carol B. Thomas, First Counselor, Young Women General Presidency
Preparing Our Families for the Temple,” April 1999 General Conference


“In the temple you will gain a clearer understanding and appreciation of who you really are. It is there that you will learn more about the Savior than anywhere else I know. You will learn about becoming royal leaders in God’s kingdom and learn what is essential as you follow the path safely back home to live with your Father in Heaven forever. Remember always that the further you are from the negative influences of the world, the closer you are to your heavenly home.”

Ardeth G. Kapp, Young Women General President
Stand for Truth and Righteousness,” October 1988 General Conference



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