“In this quest for the best in us, we are like Sariah, who, with Lehi and their family, left Jerusalem at the Lord’s command. We stand with our ‘family, and provisions’ (1 Ne. 2:4), and we travel through the wilderness. We give ‘thanks unto the Lord our God.’ (1 Ne. 2:7.) Sometimes we grieve because of the hardened hearts of those we love. Some moments we are ‘filled with joy, and … exceedingly glad.’ (1 Ne. 5:1.) At other times we ‘exhort … with all the feeling of a tender parent’ (1 Ne. 8:37), whether we are physical mothers or not. We toil. We encounter conflicts. We strive for faith. We ‘[suffer] all things.’ (1 Ne. 17:20.) Yet, like Sariah, we keep moving towards exaltation, the ultimate promised land.”

Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society General President
Look Up and Press On,” April 1992 General Conference


“Sariah, the wife of Lehi, had the wrenching experience of leaving their home and their possessions to travel in the wilderness. We are not told of the trials she may have experienced; but going on foot, living in tents, and cooking over an open fire could have been devastating after their comfortable life in Jerusalem. We do read of her anguished waiting when she feared her beloved sons had perished in their return to obtain the plates. (See 1 Ne. 5:2.) But in spite of troubles, she did love and serve her family. With the return of her sons, she knew of a certainty that the Lord had commanded her husband to flee into the wilderness, and in their safe return she found the assurance that the Lord was with them. (See 1 Ne. 5:8.) Their circumstances did not change; they still slept in tents. But she had joy and comfort in the knowledge that the Lord was guiding them. In that light she could carry on and meet further difficulties as they came.”

Barbara B. Smith, Relief Society General President
Application of Welfare Principles in the Home: A Key to Many Family Problems,” October 1982 General Conference



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